Episode 010: President Trump

Psycho Papi is the happiest man that Donald Trump is our new President I pay my fantasy debt to BMel Bmel channels his inner Tom Brokaw O’Toole starts moving out stuff K9 Cion is going to kick my ass Thomas the Train keeps impressing me

Episode 009: Psycho Papi

Political Views and Revolution talk with Top Political Insider Psycho Papi Inz has a new Spanish name Where is Blunts? Comedian Tim Gage is awesome Matty Norton calls from Upstate I think O’toole’s drunk Inz only brought his Mom one slice

Episode 008: Eating Edibles

Mets and Inz Bmel’s Bottle Thomas and his famous Flyer Bars are dying Blunts forgot to call in O’Toole is a Legend

Episode 007: Norton’s Farewell

Elk Burgers for everyone Comedian John Mulrooney gets interviewed by the Worlds Worst interviewer Blunts gets engaged DP and Norton tip towing through the tulips

Episode 006

The Entire Gang is finally together Blunts and crapping his pants BMel’s Positive Attitude Inzerillo and K9 Cion stuck outside Worst Interviewer Ever~Are you happy K9? You look Gaunt K9

Episode 005

Norton’s Coming Out of the Closet Party BMEL’S Show Critiques 93 year old Jessie and Blunts curse out Graz Fudgie The Whale and Rainbow sprinkles

Episode 004

Blunts and bong Inz in diapers BMel’s voicemail

This is a classic from the old days, March 14, 2011